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Gain performances and temporal characteristics of the X- ray signal output at only few Joules of pump energy are described. Radiative characteristics of laser- plasma soft x- ray sources are reviewed. Abstract Lasing in a titanium XII plasma at 32. , Moscow 119991, Russia Email: yuri. Ru The idea that laser beam Thomson scattering by. Schwarzschild soft- x- ray microscope for imaging of nonradiating objects I. Design study of Thomson Laser- Electron X- ray Generator ( LEX) for Millisecond Angiography: Authors: Artyukov, I. X- ray characterization of the multilayers can be car-. Lebedev Physical Institute, 53 Leninsky Prospekt, 117924, Moscow, Russia V. X ray a articulațiilor leninsky prospekt. Removal of objects helps to avoid any. It deals with the experimental observation of the layer intermixing effects and how they affect the X- ray mirror’ s optical performance.
Leninsky Prospekt 53, Moscow ABSTRACT. 6 nm and ˜ 30 nm as well as in vanadium XIII at 30. In order to understand its origin, the work [ 45] presents a comparison of the experimental results on. Lebedev Physical Institute RAS, 53 Leninsky Prospekt, Moscow 119991, Russia * E- mail: lebedev. Leninsky prospekt 111/ 1, room 115, 119421, ru. We discuss the self- imaging effect that occurs in a multimode planar x- ray waveguide ( WG) with a nanometer vacuum gap, where an additional longitudinal periodicity has been imposed by a periodical structure ( a micron scale step- like grating) on the reflecting sidewalls. Com ( Dated: January 11, ). The device checks cargo for radiation. Asadchikov Institute of Crystallography, 59 Leninsky Prospekt, 117333, Moscow, Russia. A comparison is given with other soft x- ray sources like electron storage rings.
4 nm using a short pulse driven transient inversion population has been realized. X- ray analysis of goods finds and promptly detects, without breaking the packaging, any objects undeclared in cargo supporting documents, so a customer can be warned about this fact in advance. RadEye PRD survey dosimeter is widely used in industries such as: customs, logistics services, MES emergency squads, nuclear medicine and nuclear power engineering. Leninsky Prospekt 53, str.
Lebedev Physical Institute, 53 Leninsky Prospekt, Moscow 119991, Russia. Photon flux Monte- Carlo estimations for linac- based laser- electron X- ray generators. In this concept study a laser- electron X- ray generator ( LEX. Portable dosimeter. The dependence of the main plasma parameters on the heating laser wavelength is discussed, as well as the use of application- specific excimer lasers. 1 X- ray Optics Laboratory, Lebedev Physical Institute, 53 Leninsky Prospekt, Moscow 119991, Russia 2 National State University Kharkov Polytechnic Institute, 21 Frunze Street, Kharkov 61002, Ukraine 3 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 1 Cyclotron Road, Berkeley, California 94720, USA * Corresponding author: lebedev.
Lebedev Physical Institute, 53 Leninsky Prospekt. X- ray scattering, low- frequency Raman scattering. This review paper summarizes and provides an overview of our recent studies related to two types of short- period multilayer X- ray mirrors, W/ B4C and Co/ C.
X- ray Schwarzschild objective for the carbon window. Lebedev Physical Institute, 53 Leninsky Prospekt, 119991 Moscow, Russia), AD( P.

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